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About Us

Property Investing Abroad launched its overseas investors club in October 2006 after 18 years in the real estate business. Prior to the launch of IPW, our core market was in the Costa del Sol in Spain.

The International Property World Investors Club (IPWIC) has been established in order to provide its members with an advice source and resource library for the best investment opportunities in both established and emerging markets worldwide.

IPWIC prides itself on its ever growing team of advisors. These professionals are the first contact for inside information on new projects and pre-releases thus meaning IPW can keep all its clients up to date with all the latest information. All our advisors have excellent knowledge in their chosen sectors and can offer sound unbiased advice on your chosen investment. Due to their vast experience, all our advisors can offer advice on how to get the best results with specific investment strategies, plan rental investments and obtain professional legal services and the best financial routes available. The advisory service offered by IPWIC is completely free of charge and given independently and with no obligation, this way you are free to evaluate the information supplied and make a well informed decision.

IPWIC is a designated resource library to assist investors with their initial research. It is essential that prior to purchasing any property abroad that full research is undertaken . This way IPWIC members can make educated decisions about when and where to purchase in order to generate the type of returns desired, within the required timescale.

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Our strict privacy policy keeps your email address 100% safe and secure