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Pure Paradise

With the Atlantic Ocean to the East, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population (nearly 192 million in 2007) as well as in land area (8,511,965 km2) which is nearly the size of the United States.  Founded by Portuguese explorers in the 1500’s, Brazil is now South America’s powerhouse and shares its borders with almost all the South American nations. Currently the worlds 10th largest economy,  Goldman Sachs, predict that it will grow to be the world’s 5th largest economy by 2050.

It is a country both rich is culture and natural resources, boasting gold and platinum reserves amongst it’s natural minerals, as well as being self sufficient in terms of oil reserves and has almost one third of the world’s water reserves.

The tropical climate produces year round temperatures of 28ºC with gentle Atlantic breezes moderating the heat from the overhead sun being so close to the equator.  Brazil's rainy season is minimal in the buoyant investor’s hot spot of the North East, providing low humidity and is also reassuringly free from natural incidents such as hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes.

According to NASA, the semi virgin coastline of North East Brazil boasts the purest air on the continent and second purest in the world after Antarctica!  Brazil enjoys beautiful unblemished palm lined beaches, planet saving rainforests, breathtaking scenery, the freshest fruits from the land and sea and a friendly culture that has an infectious lust for life.  As overseas visitors are falling in love with the North East of Brazil, tourism figures are expected to double over the next couple of years to over 9 million.

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