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Investment Property In Italy

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Italy is a land of great beauty and has enjoyed a status as a popular tourist destination year after year. In recent years the country has witnessed a sudden surge in real estate activity owing to the many lucrative prospects and conduciveness of environment to real estate investment.

Real estate trends

For a long time now investment property in Italy has been greatly sought after by real estate investors. It offers plenty of money making opportunities along with a lot of profit potential for serious minded investors. Some of the most popular real estate hubs is Tuscany. In fact some of the most expensive properties are located in this region and the prices are skyrocketing even more. One of the other reasons Tuscany is so popular is because of the scenic beauty and lush countryside of the place. If you are looking for some good investment property in Italy especially around Tuscany, consider looking around in the rural areas.

Variety of properties

If you are looking for investment property in Italy you can search from a wide variety of options. From holiday homes, vacation rentals, to lodges, rental apartments, vacation homes to even rental villas you will find all varieties. If you wish for a better bargain from among these properties it is better to look at houses located further away from the center of the cities. Prices can range from 580 pounds for a space of 500 square feet to even 358 pounds for an area of 700 square feet. However the average costs of investment property in Italy will largely depend on the exact area the house is located in.

The lavish and the modest

There are certain sections in Italy which are sought after by the rich and famous. These are extravagant and lavish homes which cost a lot. If you aim at purchasing investment property in Italy near Lake Maggiore you can expect to pay prices as high as even 2.8 million pounds. On the other hand if you were to opt for an apartment overlooking the lake, the costs might be much cheaper. Usually the lake houses investment property in Italy are favorites among celebrities and rich and famous people. One of the prime real estate investing areas is the Lake Como area which even provides for a good resale value many years down the line.

Select areas

Certain areas as far as investment property in Italy command a much higher rate as compared to the others. It could be because of the general popularity of these areas among local Italians in combination with the fact that these regions are situated close to the Alps region. Lake Como represents a good choice as far as real estate investment property in Italy is concerned. If statistics are anything to go by this region has demonstrated fairly stable prices as compared to the rest of Italy. The primary property types which are the most popular in real estate investment property in Italy are the commercial, residential as well as industrial property.

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