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Buying Property In Italy

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You might be fascinated with the beautiful land of Italy. However if you are considering buying property in Italy then you would need to strike a balance between the location and the real estate prices. That will help you get the best deals in the country.

Knowing the best locations

Even before you consider buying property in Italy you would need to have a fair idea of the best locations to invest in. One of the best regions to invest in terms of real estate is Abruzzo. Located in eastern part of central Italy real estate prices here are much lower than more popular regions like Tuscany or Umbria. In fact in Abruzzo you will find real estate prices 50% lower than these areas. This area is slowly opening up to real estate investing because not many people know of its potential yet. Therefore prices are much lower here. The best thing about this place is the scenic backdrop of the mountains and seas. You can easily reach cities in Abruzzo like Chieti, Pescara and Teramo by flight.

Another great place for buying property in Italy is Marche. It is located towards the eastern part of Umbria. The real estate prices here are much lower as compared to several other parts of Italy, making for some good opportunities for real estate investing. You will find a wide variety of farmhouses here which need restorative work on them. You can purchase these at bargain prices and spend a little on the renovation aspect.

Yet another place for buying property in Italy is Puglia. Situated on the south eastern part of Italy this place has many miles of coastline stretching across it. You can avail a wide variety of houses known as ‘trulli’ to villas as well as masserias which need renovation. That way you can purchase these accommodations at a lower price and renovate them at reasonable prices too. In this way the overall price of acquiring and renovating the house works out cheaper than purchasing a new home.

Other popular real estate investment hubs are Sardinia, Umbria and Tuscany all of which provide real estate accommodations at lower prices.

Holiday homes

As a real estate investor buying property in Italy also means looking at it from the perspective of rental. Many investors purchase homes in Italy and convert them into rentals while they are away from the country. This helps them in maximizing their investment and also keeping the real estate value on the house afloat. Locations such as Tuscany, Umbria as well as Molise are all well known for their popularity in buying property in Italy. Other places include Abruzzo, Puglia as well as the Amalfi coast region. These provide for some spectacular scenic views coupled with low real estate prices. If you look towards the northern regions of Italy you will find that most of the properties here have plenty of furnished, good looking apartments, airport connectivity as well as great restaurants and sightseeing attractions. Once you are buying property in Italy especially in these regions you can be sure of a good investment.

Mortgages in Italy

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