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Calabria Area Guide

In the boot like structure of beautiful Italy, Calabria is the ‘toe’ like portion in the country’s geographical shape. Promising to be one of the best tourist destinations in the country, visitors flock to this place every year. The climate borders on the hotter side but any visit there is worth every bit of the effort along the way.

Key attractions

If you are traveling to Calabria the first time, consider getting a primer on some of the city’s top attractions. Located on the western Tyrrhenian coast is the Pizzo area. This place boasts of beautiful, white sandy beaches, gorgeous sun-filled waters and a tourist crowd that never wanes. You will find many attractions along this portion of Calabria. The main ones are the Baroque Church constructed in the name of St. George. Another key tourist attraction is the Castle in which Murat – a French general got killed. If you wish for a more exquisite seaside view in Calabria consider visiting Tropea. Located between Gioa and Eufemia gulfs, it provides gorgeous views overlooking the sea. The best thing about Tropea is its untapped and relatively untouched sandy beaches. You’ll also find very nice looking houses and ancient churches in this small town. The Normal Cathedral has several unexploded bombs which are remnants from the World War II, and each bomb has a thank you note addressed to the Madonna. If you love Gothic architecture you will love the Santa Maria della Isola church which has Gothic style construction. One of the main attractions of Tropea is the red onion. It is known to be a speciality here.

The Reggio di Calabria

This city is probably one of the oldest in Calabria. Located at the base of a mountain and passing through the entire Calabria region, this rather old city has unfortunately suffered from numerous earthquakes and tsunami calamities. Interestingly the first Hebrew book was printed here years ago in as far back as 1475. One of the best attractions of the Reggio di Calabria is the National Museum of Greater Greece. It contains many important archaeological artefacts and statues.

Mountains and valleys

The Aspromonte mountain range in Calabria is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular views here. It is home to some of the best skiing areas and sanctuaries. The famous sanctuary Madonna di Polsi is located here. Surprisingly the local grape is called Greco in honour of the Grecian way of life followed in this part of Calabria.

Food and dining

Calabria has many restaurants, cafés and bars which have some of the finest cuisines in the entire country. In fact in Reggio di Calabria you will find some of the most famous gelaterias. In fact the red onion is such a speciality here that a variety of ice cream is made with it. You will find this ice cream in the Corso region in the Calabria. Spaghetti is an all time favorite here and is made exceptionally well. The spaghetti made with tomato sauces and squid is a favorite here. In terms of desserts spicy nuts and sultana varieties of biscuits are great delights.

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