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Pizzo Beach

PIA Approved Project. What does that mean?

Located in the Vibo Valentia province of West Calabria, Pizzo is a famous town that thrives as a seaside resort. Its pleasant climes, white sandy beaches and fantastic views of the rugged coastline – all make for a marvelous staying experience. If you wish to enjoy fine comfort and luxury living then Pizzo Beach can be your best option.


Pizzo Beach Club is just 15 mins. from the Lamezia International Airport. Being a 5 star resort it has a vast array of apartments, studios, villas as well as beautiful penthouses all of which exude elegance and comfort. If you want a relaxed, laid back lifestyle or a place to unwind during your vacations, then Pizzo Beach is perfect! You’ll find almost everything you need – right from botanic gardens, tennis courts, football fields, club houses, bars and restaurants as well as lots of swimming pools. So depending on your mood you could enjoy a laid back or an active vacation here. From an ancient forest which divides the resort from the beach to spectacular white sandy beaches, Pizzo Beach Club is great for your holidays. The forest has an archery range, as well as relaxation area replete with hammocks and peaceful quiet – where only the wind and waves will comfort you.

Variety of activities

You could enjoy a sailing experience or laze around on the hammock all afternoon. If you prefer a more active holiday try some rock climbing or kayaking! Pizzo Beach Club is surrounded by the famous Club Med resort in partnership with which you can avail a variety of facilities and sporting activities. From a forest relaxation area, to club houses and restaurants, to archery ranges, swimming pools and tennis courts – you can enjoy a fun-filled and enjoyable vacation at the Pizzo Beach Club. The authorities are also planning on introducing other activities such as sailing, kayaking, beach bars as well as rock climbing. What’s more, even while you are away, you can be assured of increased rental incomes especially at the time of peak season.

Prices and payment options

The Pizzo Beach Club has such a wide variety of activities and facilities, that no price seems too big for it. You can expect to find fancy apartments starting at just 75000 British Pound Sterling. The more expensive villas start at 261000 British Pound Sterling. You can easily reserve any home of your choice by making a down payment of just 3000 British Pounds. If you wish to purchase any of the fabulous apartments here, just make a 50% payment once the contract gets issued and the remaining 50% can be paid once the formalities are completed. In the case of villas in Pizzo Beach Club you can make a 30% payment when the contract is issued and the remaining 70% once completed.

A myriad range of experiences

Whether it’s taking a dip at the swimming pool or enjoying the white sandy beaches or lazing on a hammock on a hot afternoon, you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams in Pizzo Beach Club. What’s more, you can even choose from a range of adventure sports such as sailing, kayaking, tennis or football if you please.

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