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Investment Strategies

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What type of investment suits you?

Most investment strategies can be catagorised into either

  • Short Term: 2 years or less
  • Mid Term: 2-5 Years
  • Long Term: 5 years +

Most investors will have an idea what they want to get out of their purchase. Generally investment strategies can be broken down to the following:

  • Permanent Living Long Term
  • Holiday Home purchase Mid/ long Term
  • Buy to Let (Rental potential) Mid / long Term
  • Buy to Flip (to cash in on capital growth and sell on usually before completion) Short Term

Investors need to look at the following:

Purchase Price, Payment plans and affordability LTV % (Loan to Value percentage on a mortgage) Rental Potential and approx Yield Capital Growth Overall ROI (return on Investment) Contractual Obligations and redemption penalties.

What are the deciding factors?

Purchasing Costs (tax, legal fees, currency exchange) Yield v repayments Capital gains tax Redemption penalties and contractual obligations Exit Strategy (ie resale market)

What affects the sell on market?

Economy is the main factor when considering the resale market. Ask the question as to who is going buy and when!!! Who is going to rent and why?

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Our strict privacy policy keeps your email address 100% safe and secure