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Punta Perla

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Ever wanted to enjoy a year long holiday in the Caribbean? Well, now you can! Located on the tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is one of the most prime destinations in terms of real estate investment.

It is home to more than 47% of the nation’s tourists and contains the famous resort Punta Perla.

About Punta Perla

Punta Perla is the most well known, high quality resort located within 10 million square meters of the Punta Cana area. With upmarket modern infrastructure and plenty of tax incentives, you can find investing in Punta Perla a great dividend. Easily accessible from the Punta Cana International Airport (just 15 mins. away) the Punta Perla resort will be a haven for the seasoned traveler who has been there done that.

A range of facilities

With three signature golf courses, plenty of privacy and private space (just 11 people reside in every acre), Punta Perla can be a true paradise on earth. You’ll find a broad spectrum of properties in this resort, ranging from Golf Villas, Beach side Mansions, Colonial as well as Tropical Villages, Apartments and Townhouses, Star Island Bungalows as well as Beach and Marina apartments. The architecture of all these properties is a fine blend of the natural scenic beauty and a cosmopolitan, modern ambience. Besides every house in Punta Perla has been constructed ensuring the highest quality – as per guidelines set by the Florida Hurricane Standards.

Self contained units

The great thing about the Punta Perla resort is that it has a host of amenities which make each home a self contained unit by itself. From designer shopping experiences, to casinos, water and wildlife parks, sports and equestrian centers to dolphin aquariums, heliports, water shuttles, spas and beach clubs, to polo clubs and even some magnificent deep sea fishing – Punta Perla has it all!

Properties available

Punta Perla has a host of properties which not only maximize your staying experience in the Caribbean, but also guarantee you an assured source of rental income while you’re away. You’ll find single and double bed tropical village properties, double and triple bed detached golf villas, double and triple bed star island bungalows, beach front apartments, golf apartments and many more. All of these properties in Punta Perla are currently available in limited numbers at reduced prices. So hurry before it’s too late!

Each property has a quality of its own

Whether it is a Golf villa you’re looking at or a star island bungalow, you will find that every home in Punta Perla resort has a unique, distinct quality of its own. While the golf apartments provide you with built in spa pools and stunning views, the golf villas offer a level privacy and quality rarely found elsewhere. The marina apartments offer you a fine blend of both worlds – Punta Perla as well as the marina life. The star island apartments are private havens which provide spa clubs and stunning views. Access is provided only to the owners and their guests who come over.

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