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Top Ten Reasons to Invest in North East Brazil Now?

Currently one of the easiest places in the world for foreigners to invest and enjoy 100% freehold ownership, with the Brazilian Government giving you the same legal ownership rights as Brazil nationals.

Presently the world’s 9th largest economy, financial experts Goldman Sachs, indicate that Brazil will be the world’s 5th largest economy by 2050. Along with Brazil, the future economic world leaders are predicted to be -  Russia, India and China (BRIC’s).

Excellent currency exchange rates can be achieved, as the Purchase Contracts are in         R$ (Brazilian Reis) and can be exchanged from a choice of Pound Sterling, US Dollar and the Euro, making it cheaper for foreign investment.

Capital appreciation has seen much acceleration with property prices in North East Brazil,  increasing 100% in the last 36 months and in excess of 20% expected year on year, making it one of the world’s leaders in the emerging property market.  

Purchasing property is easy and non-Brazilians simply apply for a CPF number (tax registration number) which your appointed lawyer can arrange for you.  This document then allows you to buy real estate or open bank accounts which offer foreigners a lucrative 15% interest per annum.

The growing middle classes make up 20million households in Brazil and provide a very strong rental and resale market in a country that requires more housing.

The local currency is stable, inflation is at an all time low and interest rates are continuing to rapidly fall, in a thriving economy that boasts a cost of living 30% below that of Europe.

Strong domestic and international tourism markets, thanks to the government’s forward thinking initiatives and an investment of $USD 750 million in this sector, producing private rental yields in excess of 9% per annum.  New international airports and large overseas holiday operators are preparing for the rapid growth, which will be further embellished by the 2014 World Cup Finals.

Not only attracting foreign investment through property, Brazil is fast becoming the world-leader in attracting foreign investment through business with large Corporates flocking to open bases in the cities there. It is also the world’s largest provider of soft commodities. 

Year round sunny temperatures of  28ºC, spectacular scenery, unspoilt white sandy beaches,  world class architecture, cities by the sea and negligible risk of war or natural disasters, is it any wonder why Brazilians have a rich and diverse culture, are passionate for life and full of enthusiasm?

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