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Paraiso Beach

PIA Approved Project. What does that mean?

3 bedroom fully furnished beachfront villas from €109,000

If the name “Pearl of the East Coast” draws up exquisite images of luxury and opulence, wait till you visit Paraiso Beach! Located in the magnificent town of Canoa Quebrada, this resort comprises 100 three bedroom villas located on the beach itself!

A little bit about the area

The town of Canoa Quebrada is known as the “Pearl of the East Coast” and is a famous hub of tourist activity all year round. With a very active nightlife and promising some of the most lucrative real estate investment opportunities, Canoa Quebrada is a paradise for the tourist and the real estate investor alike. Just 1 Km. away lies the Paraiso Beach which has some of the most exquisite villas around. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars located nearby in town as well as a local beach replete with a kid’s play area.Facilities available

Each villa in Paraiso Beach has its own private swimming pool and is also fully furnished. This gives all of our guests a great comfort level and convenience as they don’t have to hunt for furnishings for the accommodation. Each of the rooms are large and spacious, have good lighting arrangements and come with a built in wardrobe for easy storage solutions. Each plot size is around 429 square meters and the average size of a building is around 100 square meters – so there’s plenty of space for everybody. Kitchens are large and spacious and all bedrooms have air conditioning in them. With private parking arrangements and a large private pool of 27 square meters as well as enclosed terraces of 30 square meters, Paraiso Beach is truly paradise on earth.

Easy access

The great thing about Paraiso Beach is that it is centrally located and has easy access to the town of Canoa Quebrada. Just 800 meters from Canoa Quebrada, and a 90 minute drive from Fortaleza, you can always make a quick dash to the nearby town at your leisure. It takes just 7 hours to travel to Paraiso Beach from Europe – which is great if you want to plan for a quick getaway.

Modern amenities

The best thing about the accommodations at Paraiso Beach is that these are well suited for residential as well as vacation rental purposes. You can easily expect to earn very good rental incomes with these villas. All villa units are clubbed into condominiums because of which the average maintenance and management expenses are very low. The authorities are planning on an 18 hole golf course which is going to be built very soon next to the establishment. On a yearly basis the entire area of Paraiso Beach is expected to grow at a substantial rate. Rental rates are expected to grow at 12 to 15% or even more per annum.

Payment options

There are a number of ways in which payment towards villas at Paraiso Beach can be made. 30% of the payment can be made on issuance of contract (amounting to almost 29925 pounds) and installments of 40% can be made over 2 years with 30% keys. Otherwise 50% payment can be made on contract and remaining on keys. If you make a full payment on contract you will receive a 10% discount.

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