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PIA Approved Project. What does that mean?

Ma Noa

The Ma Noa Beach resort is situated in Maracajau right next to the Ma-Noa Aqua Park (thus owing its name). Located about an hours’ drive from Natal in Brazil, this place is a virtual paradise on earth. The area is situated around 50-60 Km from the Natal airport.

Amenities available

There are a wide variety of facilities available in Ma Noa Beach resort. If you love the waters, you’ll love the Aqua Park which comprises a large pool spanning 600 square meters, wet bar, Jacuzzi, rivers with plenty of rapids, a water park especially for kids as well as a large number of water slides. Besides this you will receive 24 hour security, plenty of bars and restaurants, a specialized mini-market, fishing areas, horse riding as well as horse riding. Ma Noa Beach resort is almost like a complete, self sufficient unit which has all the modern amenities you can possibly expect. If you wish for a round of football, you can get easy access to a personalized football field located in the vicinity. Besides this you’ll find plenty of shops, water sports as well as tennis courts and gyms around.

Real estate investment opportunity

If you are a discerning real estate investor who wishes to see his money grow soon, then rest assured Ma Noa Beach resort is ideal. It has a 20% appreciation rate in terms of capital growth. In addition to this, every property in Ma Noa Beach resort is predicted to yield a 7% rental income per year. In order to reserve and get a property here you need to make a reservation deposit of around 6000 British Pounds. Once you make a private purchase you need to pay 30% of the amount on issuance of the contract and then 4 weeks later the remaining amount. The total area of Ma Noa Beach resort is divided into blocks 7 and 11. The 7th block has almost 68 apartments out of which 44 are one bed apartments which measure 49.87 square meters and cost to 67.106 pounds. 20 are two bed apartments which measure 75.96 square meters costing 114.849 pounds and 4 are three bed apartments measuring 113.57 square meters and priced at 171.598 pounds. The 11th block has 33 apartments with 29 being two bedroom apartments measuring 87.97 square meters and costing 125.565 pounds. The other 4 apartments are three bedroom ones measuring 111.82 square meters and costing 177.7 pounds. The one bedroom apartments start from 59.250 pounds, two bedroom ones start at 109.000 pounds and the three bedroom ones start from 171.600 pounds. If you wish for a penthouse you can expect to pay anything from 70.200 pounds onwards.

Estimated projects in the future

Investing in Ma Noa Beach resort at present is a good decision for any serious real estate investor. It’s because this area is already growing at a rapid pace and is expected to grow even further. There are expected to be close to 3000 units to be developed across 3 phases.

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